8 ways to become a LinkedIn rock star (Part 1)

How do you separate yourself from the pack? Doing little things right, like optimizing your LinkedIn profile, utilizing LinkedIn tools, and maintaining an active presence online are just a few of the ways. Here are some ways you can use common social selling techniques to amplify your experience on LinkedIn.

1. Prioritize your clients. Instead of talking about you, your LinkedIn profile is an opportunity to tell the story of how you help your clients. Write your LinkedIn summary in the context of what your clients and prospects will want to know about you.

2. Research smarter by digging deep to gain insights into prospects. Look for common groups, associations, connections, and interests that you can leverage in a conversation.

3. Don’t miss opportunities to connect. Leverage mutual connections and introductions to connect with second-tier connections. Use LinkedIn’s new “How You’re Connected” tool to help you find the strongest commonalities shared between you and a potential connection.

4. Add more value than you ask for. Make every connection a win-win by offering to give at least one thing back for every one you ask for. For example, if you ask for an introduction, forward an article or link that pertains to that person as thanks.

Try tackling these items this week, and next week we’ll share an additional four steps you can take toward becoming a rock star on LinkedIn.


3 thoughts on “8 ways to become a LinkedIn rock star (Part 1)

  1. I’ve found I (perhaps wrongly) have neglected LinkedIn in the past, but can certainly see it going from strength to strength. I may have to put some time aside to give it some TLC 🙂

    • Absolutely! LinkedIn is becoming a great way to leverage your own thought-leadership and establish your “personal brand”, especially with their recent announcement of influencer-type posts available to all users soon!

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