Originally from northern New Jersey, I graduated from Montclair State University with a degree in Marketing, minor in Computer Science, and experience managing a full-service 17-person marketing team as a student supervisor in an on-campus department. After graduation in May 2011, I decided to pursue my MBA and continue in collegiate recreation at SIUE, moving 1000 miles across the country to the St. Louis area. As someone who appreciates adventure and new challenges, this change brought a variety of exciting experiences.

Since March 2013, I have worked at Wells Fargo Advisors in a multitude of digital marketing and social media projects, pilots, and responsibilities. I work primarily with distributed sales channels to help financial advisors build up and maintain their online presence.

Professionally, I consider myself an analytical and thoughtful community manager and digital strategist – a passion that stems from an affinity for social media, digital marketing, advertising, and communications; paired with a love of graphic design, strong writing skills, and fascination with numbers,

Personally, my interests include cooking, sports, and laughing. I frequently crave pizza, long to open my own restaurant, find penguins darling (both the hockey player and animal kind), and consider Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Tina Fey comedic inspiration.


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