Why you should eat more broccoli

We all know, or at least fear, the long-term health risks of air pollution. What if there was a way to rid your body of airborne cancer-causing chemicals and lung iritants? Well there might be… but if you’re averse to eating broccoli or other cruciferous vegetables, it may not be for you.

Source: Morgue File

Source: Morgue File

Very interesting results from a clinical trial in China has found that a beverage of broccoli sprouts, a source of glucoraphanin, and sulforaphane helped increase excretion of two air pollutants in almost 300 Chinese men and women. Results were immediate in the increase of excertion of benzene and acrolein.

See more of the results and what is being done to cut the health risks of air pollution, which according to the World Health Organization, causes as many as 7 million deaths each year.

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Why do I have popcorn in my hair?

The answer to that question is probably my obsession with food. But I like to think it’s more than that.

I’ve been contemplating what exactly I want to accomplish in keeping up with this blog. I started it because I was looking for full-time employment after graduation and this was another way I could showcase my resume, portfolio, and express thought-leadership. I obtained said employment and continued keeping up with this blog to continue writing about Twitter, LinkedIn, and how social media is life (it is my job, so close enough). But in 2014 I have realized I want so much more than that.

Lately, I have also been contemplating the life of a writer. I have never envisioned myself to be a great writer, mostly because when I write it just rolls off of my tongue (fingers). Since it seems like such an ordinary part of my day I never considered that it was something I excelled in or even… barf… like to do. Now when I say life, I don’t actually mean my whole life. I love my job, I love social media and digital marketing, my dog, sports, and I’m not ready to give those things up. I have realized that most of all I love food. What better way to express how in love with food I am than to start writing more about my one true love. So in 2014, expect a lot more food. I want to share some recipes and how I manage to tackle tany cooking challenges, the bizarro foods that I love to try (and many that I adore), and evaluate the up and coming trends in the food industry.

So, who’s hungry?

Cilantro: More Than An Herb, It Can Purify Water Too

Wow. This is good to know. Surprising how many things found naturally in nature can cure the problems we’ve caused in the world. Theoretically, if you make cilantro available for everyone all over the globe, we could eliminate many problems regarding unsafe and impure drinking water. I’m sure there’s more to it than that, but we can theorize.

Health & Family

The next time you find yourself facing some questionable drinking water, look for some cilantro.

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Fridge of the Future?

I am three years late on this, I know. But I found this pinned on Pinterest and had to find the original articles about it. This invention is pretty radical, especially for me as an (semi-) aspiring chef. Its been called a zero-energy refrigerator. According to Inhabitat, it features a special gel-like substance, a delicious green color, that sanitizes and keeps food at desired cool temperature. This gel suspends that food in what looks like an improbable feat of nature.

Photo found on Inhabitat's website.

Photo found on Inhabitat’s website.

– Horizontal, vertical, and even upside down mounting
– 90% of the appliance is usable space
– Biopolymer gel keeps food cold, non-sticky, and does not release an odor
– Uses zero energy for cooling

How it works:
As noted by Dmitriev on Inhabitat, the fridge features bio robots that use luminescence (light generated in cold temperatures) to preserve the food that is stored. Plus the only energy that the appliance uses is for its small control pad. That’s a lot of cost savings for energy compared to the 8% of household energy usage for a standard refrigerator).

Photo found on Inhabitat's website.

Photo found on Inhabitat’s website.

According to GizMag, the Bio Robot Refrigerator received second place during the 2010 Electrolux Design Lab Competition. The inventor, Yuriy Dmitriev from Russia, received a prize of 3000 euro. The competitors were tasked with redesigning modern appliances for the future. Well, sign me up. This belongs in my home immediately!