Impossible utopia or graphic design?

I love this graphic. My favorite? Fast, cheap, and great = impossible utopia.


Google Glass

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I wrote about something very similar to this 4 years ago in an Advertising class at Montclair. My paper, which earned a bid to my professor’s project hall of fame, depicted a glasses/contact lens type technology that was able to take pictures and video through voice commands. I called it Camtacts… Google developed an enormous amount of more interactive features and calls is Glass. I can’t wait until this is available for everyone. The initial $1500 purchase price is a bit out of my price range now but I’m hoping that’ll come down in price similar to the Apple iPhone’s initial sell.

Here’s how it feels through Glass.

UPDATE (March 12): This video posted on Mashable yesterday. An even better way to use Glass – here’s how it feels to do errands with Glass!