Impossible utopia or graphic design?

I love this graphic. My favorite? Fast, cheap, and great = impossible utopia.


Forget boring, ENGAGE!

Creating a visually appealing and content-rich social media profile can help you stand out from the competition. As one article reminds us to “educate, inform and connect,” we’ve provided some tips on helping you get noticed on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Be personal
Make a connection by sharing an experience, a hobby or a joke to encourage personal interaction. Share a personal story of inspiration or quote you live by to show clients and prospects what drives you to success.

Use images
Research indicates that about two-thirds of adults are visual learners. Images that accompany text provide greater engagement by users. Also, using an infographic to convey text-heavy information is a great way to keep your viewers’ attention and make the information easy to understand.

Facilitate conversation
Start a topic by asking your followers and connections a question. Share how it aligns with your goals, and include your business expertise in a personal answer.

Share resources
Go beyond sharing information and help your connections grow. Share calculators, tools and other resources that can help them find success in their financial lives. Further, share examples to help facilitate learning.

These suggestions were provided by a combination of the following two articles:
“Ways to Get Noticed on LinkedIn” and “Are Your Social Media Posts Boring?”