Watch the Great Lakes Freeze Over

Super cool! I love seeing videos like this, especially this one after the bitter cold winter we’ve been having. Thanks polar vortex 😛

Science & Space

You can measure a winter in many ways: temperature records, snow cover, even travel delays. But to truly see how frigid this winter has been—at least for the eastern half of the U.S.—you need to go way up. Satellite imagery shows that an incredible 88% of the Great Lakes—Superior, Michigan, Huron, Ontario and Erie—are now frozen over. That’s the largest ice cover the Great Lakes have experienced since 1994, and it means that there is an astounding 82,940 sq. miles (214,814 sq. km) of ice covering the biggest collection of fresh water in the world.

How unusual is this? Since 1973, the average maximum ice cover extent for the Great Lakes has been just 50%, and in those four decades, the ice extent has surpassed 80% just five times. (In 2002, just 9.5% of the Great Lakes froze over during the winter, the lowest extent on…

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Hurricane Sandy

I sit vigilantly tonight as a native East Coast-er transported to Southern Illinois. Sitting and thinking of the 1 million residents of New Jersey without power, including my parents, family, and friends. Hoping the worst of the storm is behind them.

Not relieving to hear my dad stubbornly went to work today even against the insistence of his boss that he should stay home. Good man with a good heart but a stubborn brain. Here’s to hoping he’s found a safe place to stay for the night (since he doesn’t have a cell phone and can’t communicate with me right now).

Also thinking of my friends in other parts of the country, specifically New York City, Cleveland, Akron, Pittsburgh, and Morgantown. This storm is crazy big!

Instead I’ll just sit and watch ABC New York online and the Weather Channel from the comfort of my dry living room.

I’ll leave you with my favorite Hurricane Sandy meme from today.


Update: My parent’s home/car sustained no damage other than electricity is out for 5-7 days. Thankfully.